Fremont Overlook Central Utah


Northern San Rafael Fremont 450 A.D. to 1250 A.D. Emery County,Utah


This painted panel sits high above the confluence of two creeks in central Utah.  I’ve noticed a number of Fremont panels, dramatically situated on high cliff faces, overlooking vast areas.  Often, the panels portray a single life-size warrior.  This panel includes a large shield and several warriors; two have earbobs and feathers and one has a necklace and belt.  The snake in this painting is approximately thirteen feet long.  Rock art researcher Steve Manning believes this brightly painted panel, easily seen at a distance, may have marked an important travel route.

The Fremont people were hunters and farmers who carefully observed the seasonal movement of the sun and moon to determine planting, irrigation and harvest dates.  Certain rock art panels functioned as calendars.  Rock art researchers claim the snake on this panel is a spring equinox sunset marker.  A Fremont panel near Vernal in Utah lines up perfectly with the setting sun through a narrow rock slit on the summer solstice.

This panel is located on fenced private property.  Still, vandals have painted large initials on the lower portion of the pictograph.